Art classes for children & teenagers


The studio is open to children from  8 years old to teeenagers (12-14).  The approach is to teach several traditional techniques of drawing and painting at easel : pencils, charcoal, pastel, china, watercolor and oil.

The gradual teaching allows children to start from a basic level to get to an advanced level by approaching more complex subjects every year, without forgetting that art should remains a pleasure!

Line drawing, copy, painting from life… possibilities are immense according to the taste and inspiration of everyone. Children learn to draw and this has hte advantage of stimulating their curiosity and their sense of observation.



 (1rst and 2nd year)

pencil, china, charcoal, watercolor

At first, children learn to use different pencils, to identify shadows and lights, gradually developing the sense of observation and proportions.

In addition to the pencils,  at this stage they also use charcoal and china, that is easy to use to suggest the shadows, even for those not familiar in drawing.

They also use the colors (tempera and watercolor) and its nuances, inspired by images of their choice. Different repertoires for children are avalaible in the studio.


MIDDLE LEVEL (2 and 3nd year)

pencil, pastel, oil painting


In a second stage, the child is introduced to more complex techniques such as pastel and watercolor from life.

Oil painting

They also begin to use oil painting copying and working from photos.








ADVANCED TEENAGERS (4th-5th  year)

pencil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, oil painting

The more advanced children  learn more complex techniques such as drawing from life in pastel, watercolor or oil painting from life, choosing subjects even more personal.

Drawing from photos and from life

Oil Painting from life

Personal Project