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Comments left by students who have followed the courses.
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  1. Isabelle is very prepared, patient , encouraging and sympathetic ! The environment at the Studio is very friendly and welcoming. I attended a few months but I can not wait to start the next season. One flaw : two hours pass too quickly !!!! Sandra Erichetti

  2. Like most kids, our daughters—ages 12 and 9 at the start of our year at Isabelle’s Art Studio—are plenty creative. What we were looking for were some foundational techniques (drawing, value scale, color, etc.) and exploration with different media. As an artist myself, my standards are pretty high and although Isabelle came recommended by an artist friend, I wasn’t anticipating that she would exceed my every expectation! Isabelle Cornière is not only a skilled teacher, technically and pedagogically prepared, attuned to where her students are in their artistic development, what they need, how best to stimulate each one individually, she is also a delight! Her bright, energetic engagement in all facets of teaching is astonishing (and includes a specialized multi-session workshop in the youth classes that changes every year—this year it was “book art,” which allowed the students to marry technique and wild abandon; it was wonderful—and mounting an ambitious year-end showcase of the students’ work). And Isabelle does all of this while also fostering her own active art career. She speaks at least 3 languages, including English, so this would be a great extra-curricular option for expat families as well.

    Lyall Harris

  3. Isabelle is a fantastic person who is able to engage children in a beautiful world, the art world. Our daughter began over three years ago and since then has grown not only in painting technique but also culturally.A.Bruni

  4. I could not ask for a better place to begin my studies in oil painting. All factors in the studio cooperate to a good learning: a musical background, a cozy atmosphere, and valuable tips of Isabelle at every minute. An enriching and unforgettable experience. I’m backing to Brazil, and I’ll leave dozens of pieces of my heart in Florence and one of them, surely, in the Isabelle Art Studio. Thank you Isabelle! Raul Cardoso

  5. “Dear Jeanne-Isabelle, thank you so much for allowing Natasha to come to your art class. She enjoyed it very much and was very impressed with and grateful for your experience and guidance….”

    Julie Ayaz, Sidney

  6. Emma September 24, 2013 at 09:16 says: Edit

    I started to participate to the drawing course of Isabelle January this year, and now I never want to miss a class. Isabelle is a teacher with so much talent and skill, knows how to teach the different techniques to students in an easy way. Then always try to bring new ideas to the students and it’s up to you and helps you feel happy if you have any project that you dream to accomplish. Then, since the groups are not very large there is time for everyone. Go there!

  7. gisella February 5, 2013 at 21:30
    I started to follow the courses of Isabelle about 4 years ago. First for curiosity, but after having had such therapy benefits on my state of health. Today I so passionate about not being able to do more with less. Many thanks Isabelle

  8. simona January 6, 2013 at 14:33

    I found the studio of Isabelle by chance on the internet. I always liked it further techniques of drawing and painting and this course was perfect for both the flexibility of working hours and days especially for those who work! It ‘s hard to express the excitement that comes over us when we learn to play and create even the things we thought impossible … and then it seems to be at home, it’s a bit of a family in an intimate but “liberating” … unfortunately I had to temporarily suspend but I hope to start again and learn more and more :-) simona

  9. Laura. N. January 4, 2013 at 09:15

    The best thing about this course is that Isabelle shares with all his students her knowledge and her own artistic sensibility with enthusiasm and generosity, managing to bring out in us the desire to express themselves … So THERAPY! Thank you Isabelle.

  10. Lisa, December 2012, 10.15

    I just started the Isabelle’s course in September .. and I’m already excited! From the moment I start to draw my mind goes blank, the thoughts fade away, time stops (although in reality it runs very quickly) and there is nothing outside of that paper and the subject. And then there’s Isabelle with her smile, its simplicity and its calm teaches amicably and each time it makes you see things that you did not see before!
    Thanks Isabelle and Happy New Year!

  11. Edda Z. December 29, 2012 at 14:40

    Attend Isabelle’s art course is…being able to express the various techniques: charcoal, watercolor, oil … what words can not say. Isabelle Thank you for everything you taught me and continue to do …

  12. Marcella V. 30 december 2012 at 07:16

    For years now I frequent the studio of Isabelle. It ‘s the place where for a few hours a week I devote myself only to myself and I try to translate emotions into images and feelings. Isabelle is really incomparable in knowing how to encourage, promote and drive, but never impose strict rules and prepackaged, rather enhance the individual and individual personal expressiveness, generous in making you feel always an artist.

  13. Gemma F. 27 december 2012 17:44

    Perhaps the best commentary is the number of years of my attending the course : Nine, ten ? I am honored to be one of her first students !!

  14. Régine N., 27 December 2012
    For years I’ve attended Isabelle’s courses , and I could not help it! she is really complete, oil, pastel, watercolor, and teaches all the techniques with the same passion!. Isabelle see you soon and best wishes!

  15. Karen, 6 December 2013
    I have been lucky enough to spend much time between Italy and the USAs…and every year when I return to firenze. …I immediately register for lessons w Isabelle!

    Her studio is small and inviting…and she has students of every age and nationality….she can instruct in italian, french and english…many times in the same lesson!
    If you want personable insrtuctions on drawing, watercolor, oil painting…and want to work at your own pace, you MUST look no further and Sign up immediately for a wonderful learning experience!

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