Our course for children has been reported in the magazine Marie-Claire Enfants,in a number on art for children.

The course for adults  is mentioned in the guide book, A Perfect Trip to Italy by the American writer Sharon Wilson.

Sharon Wilson, a trip to Italy

Sharon Wilson, a trip to Italy






Text written by the writer and painter Lyall Harris about the course for children that her daughters followed in 2015 :

“Like most kids, our daughters—ages 12 and 9 at the start of our year at Isabelle’s Art Studio—are plenty creative. What we were looking for were some foundational techniques (drawing, value scale, color, etc.) and exploration with different media. As an artist myself, my standards are pretty high and although Isabelle came recommended by an artist friend, I wasn’t anticipating that she would exceed my every expectation! Isabelle Cornière is not only a skilled teacher, technically and pedagogically prepared, attuned to where her students are in their artistic development, what they need, how best to stimulate each one individually, she is also a delight! Her bright, energetic engagement in all facets of teaching is astonishing (and includes a specialized multi-session workshop in the youth classes that changes every year—this year it was “book art,” which allowed the students to marry technique and wild abandon; it was wonderful—and mounting an ambitious year-end showcase of the students’ work). And Isabelle does all of this while also fostering her own active art career. She speaks at least 3 languages, including English, so this would be a great extra-curricular option for expat families as well. “ 

Text written by Beatrice Ariani who followed the art class for children for several years(traduction from italian) :

“Ever since I was little child I always liked to draw. (…) My grandmother, who saw that I liked so much said to my mom that she thought I was very talented and it would be good to me to attend a drawing course. Since then I go to class to Isabel that is my teacher. She is a young French girl, very friendly, quiet. During the course she always puts classical music in the background jazz or blues, when she explains she is always calm and the environment with few children is familiar, calm and friendly (…) I do not do this course only for slaying the time, indeed, there is more … but because for me it has become a passion, a thing which I can not give up. “