Oil Painting courses


BASIC LEVEL (1 trimester – 12 lessons)

For doing this program I recommended to have the/a basic level of drawing. The lesson can be taught in english, french or italian language

COPY FROM OLD MASTERS  (still-life, portrait, landscape)

I offer different approaches : from Impressionist  way,  to realism, constructive painting or mixed media.We’ll begin to work in oil by copying 3 old masters paintings : a still-life, a portrait and a landscape. The goal is   to learn how to reproduce the right tonality,  learn more about the different ranges of the palette and the medium.



After the copy, I propose to work from life in order to develop the perception of natural colors, and acquire the sense of the three-dimensional form.



In a second time, it’s possible to try the french peinture au couteau  that focusses less on details and lines than color planes. It is adapted particularly for painting the changing reflections of light on the sea or the clouds in the sky. This technique allows to develop the capacity for synthesis and abstraction. It’s very easy for those who are beginners, because it is realised easily  with layers thick or thin, with the possibility also to incorporate materials such as gesso.

 ADVANCED LEVEL (1 trimester – 12 lessons)


In this phase, students can choose to create from subjects of their choice as personal photographs of various subjects.  These works give the opportunity to progressively develop a personal palette. Emphasis will be on personal exploration of idea and material.


With this approach we’ll work with tones with Renaissance technique such as the sfumato, with different layers of tones.

 COLORIST APPROACH women nude laying in a bed painted with oil painting,

This technique is based on the use of primary with their complementary, particular in the shadows, which allows to emphasize the color by making it more bright. The power of expressive brushwork is also used to model the shape with more plastic approach.



REALISM asian women portrait, oil painting on canvas

The studio offers a large range of photos from which you can take inspiration choosing to work with  tones, coloristic or more realistic approach.




At a more advanced level, you can try mixed media developing a real project on subjects of your choice. You can experiment and become familiar to the uses of : texture, collage, fabrics, overpainting expanding your visual tools.







All the works reproduced on this website are made by my students.