Courses for Adults


Isabelle’s Art Studio is a private studio located in the historic center of Florence (near important museums and places like Piazza San Marco and Piazza Indipendenza) addressed to those who wish to learn art techniques, following the methods of old and modern Masters. The purpose of the course  is to give students the keys to acquire a personal expression.

The teaching The teaching is given gradually,  to beginners or to those who want to improve some  techniques. The particularity of the pedagogy is that each student is followed at his own level, and can choose the program he wants to learn. We recommend to begin with drawing (basic or  advanced level) and then to go on  color with pastel or watercolor and then close with oil painting.

Number of participants limited   To ensure the quality of teaching and that each student receives the greatest attention, the groups consist of up to 8 people.

Techniques taught  Different types of exercises are proposed : from copy of Master drawings, drawing from life (still lifes, cast). Those exercices helps to develop : visual memory, hand-eye coordination, gesture,three-dimensional view of the shape and sense of perspective. During the lessons the students are followed step by step with advices and demonstrations.

Languages : all the lessons can be taught in english, french or italian.

Training for Art Academy

Students wishing to join the Art Academies in Florence (fashion, grafic design) can be followed with series of exercises ( still-lives)  that will permit them to prepare a portfolio and prepare them for entrance examination.

Certificate of attendance  Students can apply for a certificate of course participation.

Life-drawing  The program also includes on request a few sessions with the model to work on portrait or nude.

Philosophy Beyond the technical parameters, my studio wants to be a place for a cultural and human exchange, where art is a media for knowing better ourselves  enriching our vision of life.