Drawing program



copy from Waterhouse, sanguigna on paper

duration :  1 trimester (12 lessons) level : beginners  languages : english, italian or french

This course is aimed at those who wish to have good bases in drawing and learn how to use different materials : graphite, sanguigna, charcoal. In a first step, we’ll work copying from old Masters drawing focussing on the study of lights and darks, proportions and mesures.

In this phase, we first work from simple still-life compositions then to more complex and larger formats. The aim of this course is to gradually acquire a tridimentional perception of the form.


duration :  1 trimester (12 lessons)  level : beginners and intermediate

 languages : english, italian or french

Study of anatomic parts of the face

This course is aimed at those who wish to have good base in life drawing the portrait. Through the study of anatomical details (eye, nose, mouth and ears), we study all the proportions of the face, and then draw from casts . Then we study full-face in its different positions, focusing on the study of anatomy, plans and proportions.



duration :  1 trimester (12 lessons)  level : intermediate  languages : english, italian or french

study of hand from caststudy of feminine hand from caststudy of feet


This course is aimed at those who wish to have good bases in drawing different parts of the body and the whole figure. We  study the proportions and the structure of the human body with theorical analysis of the anatomical schema. We focus on the parts of the body such as feet and hands, studying with life drawing from cast before study full figure.

Every trimester, 2 or 3 lessons are dedicated to drawing from life models. We work with short poses that help to coordinate eye and hand, to train the visual memory.



PERSONAL PROJECT (mixed media)

duration :  to concordate  level : intermediate –  advanced  

languages : english, italian or french

portrait, mixed media

More advanced students who have already done all the drawing and painting program can choose to work on personal projects in bigger size and mixing media. The aim is to guide student to find their own style and experiment different approaches, from classical to contemporary art.

A big collection of reproductions of photographs is available in the studio for those who want to work from   different images  (figure, animals, flowers, etc …) and with various techniques (in negative etc …). 

Drawing from photograph